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Even though I come across as confident and have a wide circle of friends, I didn't always feel connected to others. 

When I was young, I was bullied in school. A lot. I always felt alone and to top it off our family moved frequently which meant I constantly needed to make new friends. 

When I went to university I became involved in the Students Union, I worked, volunteered, and was in our church choir as well. This meant that everywhere I went I ran into people I knew. 

At the time I didn't realize this ability to connect with others was a skill. I really didn't know how valuable it would become in both my home life as well as my business. 

My Vision

The world needs more connection. Business are in a unique position to create positive change for so many people. 

I believe the way to do that is through community. 

By teaching businesses to form relationships with their clients, of Cours ether businesses will do better, but so will the clients. 


My Mission is to empower businesswomen to build successful businesses by showing them how to attract more clients through community building.
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The Complete Guide To Testimonials

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End Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Workbook

This 11 page reflective journal and workbook guides you through an exercise that helps you change self-sabotaging behaviours to behaviours that better move you toward your goals by guiding you to see the positive intentions within yourself. 

End Procrastination: Create the Life You Want Printable Reminders

How often do you find yourself procrastinating? This printable guide gives you clear steps you can take, no matter what your reason for putting off tasks.

Personal Reflection: I don't have to Do Everything and Be Everything

This 2 page reflection offers positive affirmations that help guide you to creating positive boundaries at home while also helping you delegate some of the chores to others in your family. Included in the download are questions to guide you in your self-reflection to help you create a more peaceful, connected home. This download is included as part of our paid membership.
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