I Get It, You're Not Alone

You've started your business, launched your page, and created a group, but all you hear are crickets.

You want to grow your client list and everyone tells you to create your sales page directly to what the client wants, but you don't have any clients, so don't know what they want.

I get it. I've been there too. 

You've heard that the size of your following isn't what's important, but you're pretty sure you need more than 47 followers to make this work. 

I'm here to tell you 47 followers can be enough, but I can also show you how to get even more followers if that's what you really want.

Are You Building An Online Business?

  • Are you building an online business that isn't making the money you need to stay afloat?
  • Do potential clients tell you you charge too much
  • Do you have followers who engage, but don't purchase? 
  • Is your facebook group engagement limited to self-promotion & share threads? 

If this sounds like you, then book a free 30 minute consultation with me to learn how I can help you grow your business. 
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You're Ready

You know you have something amazing to offer, if you could only figure out the 'one thing' that's missing.

You're ready for others to see your value. You're ready for clients. You're ready to increase your income and show yourself you can do this - and do it amazingly well! 

You're ready!

Sarah Langner

Almost twenty years ago I began working as a registered nurse. Through this work I began to see that how we talk to people matters. I learned that connection can literally be the reason why a person lives or dies. 

As a wife, and especially as a mother, I further learned how the words we use can either bring us closer together or push us farther apart. 

Over the last ten years I've devoted my time to learning about mindset, empathy, compassion, and connection. 


We all need connection, but isolated connection isn't enough. We need ongoing connection that fosters community. 

In business, the 'one thing' you're missing is most often the support and connection of a community that gets it. These are the people that've already been there, done that, but also those who're just beginning. They help you see how far you've come which increases your dedication and momentum.
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But what if I told you that building a community is also how you increase sales and referrals?

Would you be interested in learning how to build a community that grows your business? 
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Shame, blame, fear, anxiety, and the belief that others are wrong all get in the way of building connections.

Without connection, we cannot have community.

I believe most people are good people. I believe most people want others to feel good around them. I believe most people intend to be nice. However, in my experience many people don't understand how language impacts the way others feel.

This is how disagreements shift from discussions to fights, complete with name calling. It starts with one person saying, "Who would ever think that...?" and quickly spirals from there.

It's my mission to help people learn how to have these difficult conversations respectfully so they're better able to create the foundation necessary to build a strong community.  I want to teach business owners how to use this information to avoid common pitfalls that not only prevent business growth, but also cause business failure.  
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Community Building Through Connection

Why are others more satisfied and successful than I am?


The answer is simply community. Connection. The way we build relationships with each other. 

But community is so much more than being in close proximity to each other or liking the same things. Community is about knowing each other and empowering each other. 

It's impossible to create a sense of community if we tear others down. 

This membership is for those who want to learn how to build and foster a sense of community.

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