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Hi there! I'm Sarah Langner. I've been an active mentor in my local Attachment Parenting community for close to ten years. Before that I was a working mom struggling not to scream and cry each day. Through some amazing mentoring and coaching not only was I able to create a peaceful home, but I was also able to discover who I am as a woman outside my role as Mama. 

I'd love help you find that peace and connection within your own life so you can be happier, calmer, and more energized each day. 

Empower Lift Connect Membership

I'm a Life Coach that empowers women to increase their over all satisfaction in life. In my Membership I do this by guiding women with powerful questioning to connect to who you are as individuals outside your family roles, so you can feel confident in yourselves, not only while you go about your day to day life, but also during the quiet hours after the rest of the house goes to sleep. In this group I share example coaching, resources not shared in any of my public spaces, plus I facilitate discussions on a variety of self development topics. As an added bonus members will receive a discount on all courses offered.

My Vision For This Community

Our community empowers women to recognize and develop their unique talents beyond the overwhelm and stress of life as a wife and mother. 

I offer group coaching within this membership to help you shift to a place of resourcefulness so you can find a sense of peace and calm throughout your busy days. 

Home Page

My Mission is to empower women to recognize and develop their unique talents beyond the overwhelm and stress of life as a wife and mother.

End Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Workbook

This 11 page reflective journal and workbook guides you through an exercise that helps you change self-sabotaging behaviours to behaviours that better move you toward your goals by guiding you to see the positive intentions within yourself.

Free Consult

I offer free online consultations so you can decide whether I'm the right coach for you and for both of us to become clear on what goals you want to work toward in life.


Are you a woman that needs help prioritizing where to focus your attention? Are you ready to dig under your stress and re-discover who you are? Are you ready to create the changes necessary so you can blossom? By giving yourself permission to invest in you, you also invest in your family and your career. By taking care of your inner self, you show your children the importance of self care. This single coaching session is up to an hour in length.
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End Procrastination: Create the Life You Want Printable Reminders

How often do you find yourself procrastinating? This printable guide gives you clear steps you can take, no matter what your reason for putting off tasks.


Are you struggling? Do you need help getting organized so you can take the steps necessary to reach your goals? Are you ready to dig under your stress and re-discover who you are? Are you ready to create the changes necessary so you can bloom? If that sounds like you, then this 3 month package with biweekly sessions is perfect for you! If this sounds like you, then this package is perfect for you! This package offers 3 months of coaching with sessions every 2 weeks. Each session is typically 30 minutes long.
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Are you overwhelmed? Have you tried everything, but it just didn't work? Are you still angry, are you still stressed, are you still dieting but nothing seems to work? Have you lost sight of who you are? If you'd like to create the changes necessary, then this 6 month package with sessions every week is perfect for you!
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Saturday Mama Spotlight Downloadable Podcast Episodes

The Saturday Mama Spotlight podcast shares inspiration, encouragement, and helpful tips for the working mother. Each episode features a different mama who shares her strengths as well as struggles. By sharing our stories we show others what's possible and that we're not alone.

Guided Visualization: Confidence

This guided visualization exercise provides you with guidance to improve your self-image by empowering you to both see yourself as confident as well as providing you with actions so you can become more confident.

Printable Boundaries Infographic

The importance of creating and maintaining boundaries and how to tell if your boundaries aren't clearly defined. This infographic is a quick visual guide that helps you see why boundaries are important, how to see where you need to put your own boundaries, as well as how to tell if you have unhealthy boundaries.

Personal Reflection: I don't have to Do Everything and Be Everything

This 2 page reflection offers positive affirmations that help guide you to creating positive boundaries at home while also helping you delegate some of the chores to others in your family. Included in the download are questions to guide you in your self-reflection to help you create a more peaceful, connected home. This download is included as part of our paid membership.
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Garden Journal & Planner

This is the journal you wish you had when you started your garden! This is the journal you need so gardening can be easier and so much more enjoyable. This is the last gardening journal you'll ever need to purchase. No more trying to remember everything...no more wandering the greenhouse buying plants that don't suit your garden. Imagine loving your garden - and your gardening hobby EVEN MORE than you do now! This fillable PDF journal does exactly that!
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Marriage & Parenting Audio

Parenting and relationships either work together or against each other. Today I'm talking about ways to strengthen your relationship so you can strengthen your parenting skills and have a happier, more fulfilling home.