Garden Journal & Planner by Sarah Langner

Garden Journal & Planner

  • Do you struggle to remember all the things you need and want to do in the garden? 
  • Do you wish it was easier to keep track of what you planted, and where you planted it? 
What if you had a planner that both guided you as a gardener while being open enough to allow you to create the garden of your dreams, no matter the size of your space?

Why THIS Journal Is the Best

This journal is perfect for the novice or experienced gardener, and every type of gardener in-between. 

Prevent planting errors, cut costs, and measure success of your garden year after year by filling in the planner so you can monitor progress and know what types of plants would work best in your garden design. Quickly and easily track flower and harvest times from one year to the next as well as monitoring when and where beneficial bugs or pests show up. 

Go to the greenhouse with confidence knowing exactly what unique characteristics your current plants already have so you can choose companion plants that enhance your garden even more. 

Included in this package are two different downloadable files. One is a high quality PDF designed to be printed either on your own or at the print shop of your choosing. 

The second file is a fillable PDF which allows you to fill in the planner and journal right on your device. No more printing or ink costs, no lost pages or smudged ink to worry about, ever. This is the last journal you'll ever need to purchase.

Both files include over 50 unique pages that make tracking the health and abundance of your garden so much easier.
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Planning Pages

Have you ever got to the greenhouse only to forget what plant characteristics you wanted for your garden? 

This planner guides you so know exactly when you want your next plant to bloom or what season you want to add interest to the garden. 

You'll save time and money with this planner! 

Seed Starting Guide

It'll be easier than ever to judge the effectiveness of your seed starter soil blend and keep track of which plants need to be hardened at what time. 

An additional Seedling Tracker allows you to see which seeds had the best germination rate.

Plant Planner

Do you struggle remembering which plants you have and how to care for them? 

This page  helps you clearly see what you already as well as important information about it. The next page in this fillable PDF allows you to add pictures of your own plants. 
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What's included?

  • Notes page
  • Graph paper
  • Single page 12 month task planner
  • Shopping list winter planning page
  • Seed starting worksheet
  • Single page calendar for each month
  • Planter planner
  • Seedling worksheet 
  • Annuals planner
  • Perennial planner
  • Tree/shrub care worksheet
  • Plant profile worksheets
  • Page for picture of your plant and notes
  • Square foot garden worksheet
  • Sample square foot garden plan
  • List of some common toxic plants
  • Companion planting guide
  • Harvest log
  • Weather tracker
  • Bug tracker
  • Inspirational gardening quotes

Can I get a refund?

Because this is a downloadable product, no refunds will be issued. However, if there's a problem with the files, please let me know and I can help you find a solution. 

If any errors are found in the journal, I will correct them and send you the updated file. 

If you feel something is missing, let me know. I truly want this to be the best, and last, planner you ever need to purchase. 

How can I reuse the fillable PDF?

After you download, but before first use, I suggest you 'duplicate' the file on your computer. Then you can use the copy on whichever device you prefer. 

Do I need a special program to use the fillable PDF?

I use adobe acrobat reader or preview on both my computer and my phone. The free version is all you need to use this PDF.

What's included

File Icon 2 files


Printable Garden Journal
My garden.pdf
69.7 MB
Fillable PDF for Use on Your Device
My garden Journal.pdf
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