Single Page or Group Audit by Sarah Langner

Single Page or Group Audit

Quickly Learn What You Do That Engages Your Readers And Learn What Can Be Even Better

What You Get

This audit covers a single Facebook group or single business page. We audit:
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Content - both type as well as quantity

You discover what you're already doing that builds trust and fosters connection. 

You also discover areas that you can improve to build an even stronger business through connection and community building. 

These suggestions offer clear recommendations to improve your authority and increase trust with your readers. 
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Why Connection Matters

Connection increases trust. Generally  speaking, people don't buy from someone they don't trust. 

When you increase connection, you increase the likelihood someone will work with you or purchase from you.


Sarah's tips and advice are always spot on, helpful, realistic and kind. There's never any judgement and she really cares.
Melanie Walls
Sarah is incredibly kind, uplifting, genuine, and full of wisdom. I am so grateful to have connected with her. She has the type of service quality that is unique to find. 
Morgan Brooke Tyner
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